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C.H.I.M.E. Grant Program

The Committee for Handbells in Music Education (C.H.I.M.E.) encourages schools and other educational institutions to develop music education programs using handbells or handchimes in their curriculum.  To support the development of such programs, Area 7 offers a Grant Program to schools in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Manitoba, Canada.  This Grant Program places a three octave (37 piece) set of handbells or handchimes into a classroom FREE for one academic year, complete with training materials and assistance from an Area 7 mentor.

There are specific guidelines that must be met by both the school and Area 7, which are outlined in the Area 7 C.H.I.M.E.

Refer to the Officer Section for the Area 7 C.H.I.M.E.  Coordinator.

C.H.I.M.E.  Grant Application form

C.H.I.M.E.  Brochure

Clista Wood Scholarship Fund

The *Clista Wood Scholarship Fund was established to provide encouragement and assistance to eligible individuals to attend an Area 7 ringing event.  Events include the Area 7 Festival Conference, Young Ringers Camp and the Area 7 Director's Seminar.

Applicants must be Guild members, or affiliated with an organization whose membership is in good standing.  Complete details and application can be found through the link below.

* This fund is in honor of Clista Wood, an Area 7 Guild member, who loved people and handbells.  In one way or another, Clista left a memorable impression on every individual she met.  She heard what you said, and she made you feel important.  The scholarship fund attempts to carry on this legacy.

Clista Wood One Day Event Scholarship Form

Clista Wood Multiple Day Event Scholarship Form

Local Workshops

An Area 7 Local Workshop is tailored to the needs of a specific choir or a small group of choirs in a community.  The director of this requesting organization identifies the weak areas in its group, which would benefit from additional instruction.  The Area 7 Local Workshop is a very cost-effective way to bring an experienced clinician to the very local level, with topics chosen by the requesting organization.  The workshop can also be very beneficial working with handbell directors on an individual basis.  This workshop is available only to members of the Guild.

Click on the links below for additional information on this valuable resource for members only.

Area 7 Local Workshop Application Form and Procedure

Media Library

In an effort to place educational material in the hands of its membership, Area 7 has developed an extensive Media Lending Library.  A wide variety of videos and DVDs have been collected, which include ringing techniques and conducting techniques.  For those who aspire towards advancement or for just pure enjoyment, the Area 7 Media Library has a collection of DVDs from prominent professional handbell ensembles throughout the nation.

Also in the library is a collection called the Tempo Setters.  The Guild National office produces this collection, which features interviews with prominent handbell folks who have made a significant impact on the handbell community.  This is a great way to see the personal side of some prominent figures.

Videos of previous Area 7 Festivals are also available.  If you've never experienced a Festival setting before, these videos will put you on the ringing floor and give you a sense of why these Festivals are so popular.

Click on the link below to see the full list of available media.  Follow the instructions on the form.  Check them out for a couple weeks, and then return them.

Media Resource List

Regional Workshop Grants

The best way to receive continued education in the handbell art form is to attend the Area 7 Festival Conference held every even numbered  year.  The Festival is a 3+ day experience with intense learning and ringing with very prominent names in the national roster of handbell clinicians and includes a long list of great classes from which to choose.  However, there are some who cannot attend this major Festival event for a variety of reasons.

Because of Area 7's commitment to continued education at all levels, it has established a Workshop Grant Fund.  Local member handbell groups can apply for a Workshop Grant when they are considering hosting a Workshop in their own community.  The Area 7 Workshop Grant provides to it members a monetary amount to help these types of events succeed.

These types of workshops may qualify as an Endorsed Event by the Guild, which offer many additional benefits, including liability insurance, borrowed equipment insurance, site insurance, national advertising, and assistance with localized mailing labels.  The Endorsed Event information can be downloaded from the Handbell Musicians of America website and must be submitted to the Chair of Area 7.

Contact the Area 7 Past Chair for additional information.

Workshop Grant Application form

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