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Alanna Teragawa

Events Coordinator

6600 Pleasant Ave S #154
Minneapolis, MN  55423
Cell: 612-819-5778


Alanna spends her days as the administrator of a document archiving service bureau in St. Louis Park, MN. Having been hired primarily to do their accounting, her job has grown into quite a diverse job description, including production advisor, a counselor, a mom, a chaplain, and whatever else comes to her office door on each new day.


Alanna Teragawa has been involved with handbells since the mid 1980s. Having a love for the viola but no venue in which to play, she was so excited to discover handbells. Handbells allowed her to express her love of music when she realized that the piano was not going to be that outlet.

Ringing led to the passion of conducting. After attending many director seminars offered by the Guild, Alanna has discovered the joy of working with a great group of friends with the same goal of producing fine music. She directs three handbell choirs in a couple of churches in the southern Twin Cities area.

Alanna finds it challenging and fun to serve the members of Area 7 as a member of the Area Board of Directors. She currently holds the position of Area Events Coordinator, after having served two terms as the Twin Cities Metro Sub-Area Chair, and most recently the six-year term as the Area Chair.

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