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Music Theory

Session 10: Where's the Melody?
Session 11: What Harmony? A Contest Lurks!
Session 12: The Year of the Interval: SECONDS
Session 13: The Year of the Interval: THIRDS
Session 14: The Year of the Interval: FOURTHS & FIFTHS
Session 15: The Year of the Interval: Unisons, Octaves and Inversion
Session 16: The Overtone Series-1
Session 17: The Overtone Series-2 "Advice from Douglas E. Wagner"
Session 18: The Overtone Series-3 "Overtones in Handbells"
Session 19: The Overtone Series-4 "Overtones: What do They Mean for Me?"
Session 1: Music Theory
Session 20: Harmony 1- "Major and Minor Tonics"
Session 21: Harmony 2- "Tonic, Dominant and Subdominant"
Session 23: Harmonic Progression around the Circle of Fifths
Session 24: For Harmonic Reasons: Secondary Dominant
Session 25: For Harmonic Reasons: More Secondary Dominants
Session 26: For Harmonic Reasons: Secondary Leading Tone 7th
Session 27: For Harmonic and Melodic Reasons: The Minor Scale
Session 28: Every Rehearsal is a Performance: Expression
Session 29: Every Rehearsal is a Performance: Melody
Session 2: Why Does Music Sound the Way it Does?
Session 30: Every Rehearsal is a Performance: Harmony
Session 3: The Major and Minor Scales/Why Do Composers Sometimes Pick the Meters They Do?
Session 4: The Modes/Irregular Meter
Session 5: Reading Music with Chord Symbols
Session 6: The Modes
Session 7: The Changing Meter Signature
Session 8: The Key Signature: What Good is it for Me?
Session 9: The Quarter Triplet in Simple Meter

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